Tips and Advice For A Lasting Marriage

Whether you are an elderly couple or newly married, there are some basic rules to follow. It’s not always easy to put them into practice, but it’s important to do it. If you respect them, your marriage will be even stronger and you will enjoy even more the good sides of life together.

Every relationship has its own problems, which can arise at any time. The important thing is to learn to deal with it gently before it destroys the relationship.

Here are some tips and advice for a happy and lasting marriage:


It avoids leaving room for the imagination. If I tell him that, he will react like that …

The negative image is the worst enemy of the individual. It only tortures the mind. Rather talk and know what the other thinks of the situation. “Stop making movies” (you are not a director)

Moreover, to say things to you does not bury emotions, feelings that will torture you every day.

Be Kind

Aggressiveness leads to nothing. If you get annoyed when they tell you something.

Ask yourself the question: “What makes it annoy me”

Learn to have a calm and calm speech. Communication is the key. Often the answers depend on the past message and how to say it.


To understand that his feelings are binding on him alone and that he is responsible for what he says.


Would you like us not to respect you? Respect is the foundation of healthy relationships and part of the golden rule for your couple’s success. Respect others as they are, do not judge, criticize.

Find common solutions

Often the solutions are suitable for one but not the other. In all conflict management, the ideal solution is one that corresponds to both parties equally.

Know how to recognize your wrongs and apologize

Nothing worse than bad faith.

To know how to say no

It is also the basis of a good relationship. Doing things reluctantly only frustrates you. Take off your head that if you say “no” to another, he will not love you anymore. Love does not mean to bow to all the whims of the other. If the other holds you to the point that you disagree with him … maybe you have to dig the “how” of his reaction.

Be good with oneself

Before you commit yourself and be in a relationship with others, find peace and be good to yourself. You have to know how to be alone and not depend on the other.

Many, got married by believing to become happy through the spouse. But if the pretty woman becomes ugly or gets sick. If the handsome man gets fat or loses his job, he or she will not be happy, time will come they will get rid of it.

On the contrary, the real motivation must be to want the happiness of the other. Is not the greatest happiness to sanctify each other to reach heaven? And the greatest proof of love is it not to devote one’s life to those we love?

If each spouse seeks the happiness of the other, every day and with the help of God, marriage will be able to face everything, in health and sickness, in wealth and poverty until death, and until in eternal life.