How To Raise a Pet Turtle

 Turtles are pet of choice for many people especially kids.They come in a variety of colors and sizes but the most common turtle used as pet is the red eared slider known named after the red dots located on its head and face.

Turtles are able to live independently from birth. They have keen sense of smell and sight. They are low maintenance creatures and require very little living space. They should not be held in plastic containers glass containers work best with turtles. Their box should be regularly cleaned to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Drinking water from a tap should be boiled and allowed to sit for at least 10 hours before it is offered to a turtle.

Although turtles look like easy pets to keep, you must realize that they require time and effort to keep them well fed and healthy to improve on their life span.
Being that turtles are omnivores they eat meat and plants. Turtle hatch-lings prefer meat based diet but switch to mostly vegetarian diet in adulthood. Your turtle can be placed on a diet consisting of worms,boiled chopped carrots and fish. It is rerecorded to wash your hands before and after handling a turtle. Turtles are sensitive to chemicals avoid exposing them to any chemical rinse out their cages after washing and limit the amount of chemical used to clean their aqua-terrarium. Turtles are easily prone to infections and diseases which result mainly due to poor handling, nutrition and hygiene. If you notice your turtle has skin infection or experiences a change in mood and feeding habit, make sure to take him to a vet.

If you are wondering what is the lifespan of a turtle?I am happy to inform you that with proper care, your turtle can live until he is 100 years old. That is quite a long time to spend with this amazing creature!