Photographing Fish Tanks

Surely many of you have tried at some time to photograph fish in their natural habitat, and although it seems like a difficult task because of the continuous movement of fish or the limited lighting available in the tank, we will show you that following this series of tips makes it fun, simple and allows you to combine photography and nature.

Although at least for me, photographing fish in natural environments is more rewarding and enriching, taking pictures in an artificial environment provides us with a different perspective. Say you bought one of the best fish tanks for your pets. You will surely want to take some photos of them that will hardly ever be seen in nature. I will illustrate the article with some examples of fish that are mostly territorial, that evolved over the years to be quite diverse.

Study Fish Behavior

One of the keys to success when doing fish photography is to know their behavior. It is important because it will allow us to anticipate certain movements and is doubly important because the tank shots will depend on how good we can follow their movements.

The pictures in aquariums, as pointed out in the previous paragraph, should be adapted to the requirements of the fish species. However, we will always be able to take some photos that aren’t always perfect if the conditions of the fish tank wont allow it.

What do you need to take pics of fish?

Choosing the species to be photographed and accommodated in a natural aesthetic environment is important. You will need some top of the line camera gear. A good flash is essential, as fish tanks can get quite dark as I’m sure you know. Also to capture the movement of the faster fish species, a good tripod and lense is essential.