Best Species Of Aquarium Fish

It is important to bear in mind that to start an aquarium, the best fish we can have are those that are easy to feed and maintain, at the same time that they do not require strict conditions to survive, or a lot of knowledge on the subject of the aquariums, the temperature of the water or the hardness of it.

Choosing the right fish for our aquarium can be an interesting task to achieve. They are a good option to have pets, as long as we really care about them. Besides enjoying them, visually they are very attractive.

These animals should receive the attention and care, as well as the aquarium where they live. You also need to know how to choose them well, since not all fish is to keep them at home and not all species adapt well to live with others.

Rainbow Fish

If you also have a large place to locate them, we can also choose the rainbow fish, from Australia, New Guinea and other islands in that area. They inhabit warm, sweet waters. They are difficult to find in nature, but they reproduce in the aquarium without problems, although their coloration loses intensity.


Also, neons are recommended. These are fish of not more than 5 cm. long, silvery body, bluish back, and bright red tail. They come from the Amazon River and like to hide among aquatic plants. In their natural habitat they live in shoals, so it is indicated to be able to have several together.

Guppies or Million Fish

They are native to Venezuela, northern Brazil and some Caribbean islands. The males of this species measure around 3 cm and are of green, red, blue or tabby colors. The females are larger and less colorful.

In general, they are greenish in color, with more striking colors in the dorsal fin and tail.

Angel Fish

They have large and showy fins. They usually have vertical black stripes on reddish, golden or silvery backgrounds. For their beauty and elegance are considered the kings or suns of aquariums.

It is very important, that you pay attention to their food because they could end up getting sick and infecting the rest of the species that live in our pond.

Remember, the most advisable thing is to buy several fishes of the same species so that their coexistence is more pleasant, and to increase the amount within the aquarium little by little.